it’s weird going back to work after having a week with the fambily. i miss not listening to the same tape of winnie the pooh multiple times each day. i also miss not shouting “FLAG!” out loud every time i see a flag (as is popular with the female members of our household).
so here, as a reminder of just a few days ago, are a load of flags so we can all shout flag flag flag flag together.
we can pretend we’re all one one big happy bloggy fambily.

throwing the flag in the bin

my life sometimes seems a race against the bin men. especially when i’m photoing human remains in the street. this morning was a poignant example.
i spotted this union jack flag down in the gutter. i’d just taken a photo of it when a Father Ted Uncle Jack looky-likey street cleaner came along and shoved it in his dustcart.
it was quite a poignant moment. if only i knew what that meant.
DSC02445.jpg DSC02446.jpg