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where’s the fire ?


a fire alarm in a car park provided two excellent photo opportunities.  and no deaths.  good.


not for sale


it looked like this house had a for sale sign on it, but it’s a clever fire prevention sign in the style of.  nice.  but i wonder how many people just ignore it because it’s done too well


fire engine


fire engines always look impressive don’t they ?


fire brigade booster connection


poor old fire men.  life is sometimes very depressing and we all need a little boost sometimes.  when they open this up there are all sorts of encouraging words and phrases to help them on their way.  we all need that sometime.

by the way, you’re looking great today and you’re having a really positive impact on those around you.  keep up the good work dear funkypancake reader

fire plan


keep your fire plan in a locked cupboard

fire escape turn to open

this is interesting. has someone taken the sign literally, and turned the sign to open it ? or did the sign putter-upperer read it and thoughts it needed to go wonk-ways ?
what this sign actually suggests is that you turn round and run away if you need to get away. which is always a good plan – danger or no danger, i find.