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my old coat


here’s my old fake fur coat which i used to wear for everyday activities back in the days when i threw away all my sensible clothes to force myself to wear comedy clothing in an attempt to bring more joy to the world.

instead i probably looked like a cross between a tramp and huggy bear from starsky and hutch.  i think i smelt more like a tramp though.

sadly, even though it’s fake fur, i think the coat won’t pass New Zealand’s biological and fashion quality controls and may become an item in the ‘unlucky dip’ at our house cooling party.

tank top


i used to wear a lot of tank tops.  i nearly wore this one yesterday. but i decided it was a little too bright, and rather figure hugging.  i’ve got my “up and at ’em” face on here.

goth bar in Brussels

did i ever mention i used to be a goth ? so, it was with some delight that i got to go to Le Cerceuil in Brussels with my colleague Toby. It’s very expensive (€10 for one beer and a coke) but was good. i was especially pleased to spot they were playing Serpents Egg by Dead Can Dance on the stereo.
here’s toby with his beer in a skull mug. my coke was in a straight glass
i think he should use this photo as his book cover if ever he publishes his definitive work on UK telephony regulation

what are the chances of that ?

you go to the beach and sit down on a wall only to find the three people sitting next to you are wearing exactly the same skirt and tops (and even shoes). unbelievable.

charity shop fashion

charidee shops are great when it comes to fashion. i love how they organise their wears by colour and not style. browsing through the mauve rail you can find mauve garments from every decade in every style for every (and yet at the same time, no) occasion.
my local charity shop has gone beyond the call of duty with the manequin in the window though. just count the different things it’s wearing !

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matching shoes and trousers

how embarrasing to go to church and find one of your friends wearing exactly the same shoes. this happened to kezia and abby.
they weren’t exactly the same shoes of course. they had a pair each.