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the world’s longest pencil

here’s is the world’s longest pencil

here is another pencil with a fire extinguisher suitable for extinguishing pencil fires:

fire bell

ok, i know this isn’t an extinguisher, but i put it in that category as it’s fire related.
if you disagree with my categorisations you can always start your old blog you know ?

national crime squad extinguishers

in a rare work-meets-blog moment i can tell you i went to the launch event for the Virtual Global Taskforce last night (go check out the site).
whilst listening to the presentation i spotted these two extinguishers hiding behind the National Crime Squad emblem !


it’s a display board for extinguishers

click for big

an army of fire extinguishers

here are a load of fire extinguishers behind a dusty window on marylebone high street. they look like ghosts. but they are not.

they can’t get up ramps

now this is very strange. after spotting the 4 fire extinguishers on the way to work this morning, i just saw this one on the floor near my office (about 15 minutes walk from the others).
this one has obviously failed to make it up this ramp. making it even more stupid than a darlek.

fire safety #2

pubs in the UK are having to be more careful. the latest fire regulations state that if you have any wooden furniture you need to keep a fire extinguisher nearby.
here we see this pubs fire extinguisher next to two wooden benches.
it was sitting quietly by the wall until i approached it. At which point it jumped up and ran at me as i took this photo waving its pipe at me.
luckily i escaped in time.

fire safety

this van sells stand-by fire protection. i was glad to see this in action. it’s a street based fire extinguisher.