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big fat power cables


this looks like quite a major power cable going across a beach.  pity they didn’t think to measure each end properly before laying it.


body electric


there’s a thermal health spa quite close to where we live.  this lady stands at the entrance with mains sockets in her abdomen.


danger – no fishing


you’re bound to notice the blog is falling apart at present as we precariously balance between two versions of the blogging software (funkypancake was designed for the old version and i’m having some real problems adapting it for the new version).

if you are a CSS guru and can make this page look like this one, then please let me know !  (and sorry the comments and various archives aren’t working properly.  please bare with me).  that was a deliberately spelling mistook.

once again – apologies for the mess !  i think if you just stick to the front page or rss feed you’ll be ok !