two versions as i wasn’t sure which worked best


transparent dummy in a big field

we had just finished practicing with the band yesterday morning when suddenly esther ran in to the marquee and said “quick daddy, you need to come now” in a really urgent voice. i was a bit concerned then she said “you need to bring your camera”.
i followed as she ran out in to the field and she she said “look, it’s a dummy daddy!”. she was very pleased with herself. and so was i.

dummy in the grass

this isn’t in focus but i like the shot all the same

here it is hiding as i originally found it


i take a huge proportion of my floor-based pictures in Queen Anne Street in London. Here’s another example.
It’s a dummy. without any 6 year old’s legs this time.

the difference two legs make

here is a dummy on some grass. i took two photos of it. one with legs in the background and one without.
i wasn’t sure which one i liked best, so i thought i’d show you both. which do you prefer ? as usual, you can click photos for big versions.

or without

long lost jeremy finds

my long lost university flat mate jeremy (who isn’t really long lost, i just haven’t seen him for a while) sent me these pictures of things he found in Cornwall. lost and found.


another hat ?

a lost favourite

this toy looks highly loved and no doubt someone would have spent a very sad night without it.
the twin dummy bit is interesting though isn’t it ? Perhaps it belongs to (a) siamese twin(s)