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esteemed customers


if you’re one of the non-esteemed customers, then you’ll just have to work it out yourself (and not be offered an apology)

closing down


never mind, there’s a giant ice cream to cheer you up


the actual of the tribute


i got a message via my flickr account that someone had posted a funkypancake tribute picture. it’s here if you want to see it.

imagine my surprise when i opened it and found it was of the same sign i’d taken a picture of on monday morning, and was sitting on my pending upload folder.  so here it is.  i prefer kjpm’s photo actually, which i think must have been taken at a different entrance to the park as it’s got a nice fence behind it.

i like to think of a future world where people are crawling around on the floor taking photos of nonsense and getting in each others way in the nicest possible way.  could you imagine how cool that would be. thanks kjpm !