church paraphernalia

messy abbey

this photo really is a mess, but i quite like it.

inglesham church

i mentioned inglesham church a while back. here are a few more pictures
it looked as nice as it did on the postcards
jane in the jacobean pulpit
fancy wall inscriptions
you can find out more here

heavenly peace

vin sent me this excellent picture of a chap having a sleep outside a church (in Acton)

low mass (best come prepared)

a low mass is a bit like a high mass, only you have to kneel really low.
BCP means ‘best come prepared’, meaning you’ll have to provide your own hassock.

wedding registry table

i saw this at the back of a church we recently visited and i was quite intrigued. it’s the equipment on the table where a married couple have to ‘sign the register’.
although it looks very traditional, it has been updated slightly – the ink wells have been replaced by the Oxfam freebie pen, and the date card thing is now replaced by an ancient casio watch.
that’s progress for ya

mardy bum
this little cherub looks like he’s in a right mood, and he’s got a right face on
(i just realised that people might not know what a mardy bum is, unless they grew up in the part of england that i did (or listen to the arctic monkeys song). explanation here)

home of the turin shroud

here’s an old picture i didn’t post. this is where the turin shroud lives. you don’t get much more ‘church paraphernalia’ than that !