celebrity restaurant endorsements

celebrity restaurant endorsement


i love restaurants which have pictures, often signed, by previous clients.  this one jumped out at me as being particularly special.

this restaurant, ladies and gentlemen, was visited by … [pauses for effect and to gain composure] … no less than the one and only, actual Bon Jovi in 1988.

we were proud to eat in a restaurant visited by such luminaries.

jarvis cocker celebrity endorsement

i used to know Jarvis Cocker in a vague saying hello to each other if we passed in the street kind of way. he even complemented a swirly brown polyester shirt i used to wear with (missplaced) pride.
anyway, here’s an endorsement on a restaurant window in Brick Lane.

celebrity restaurant endorsements

celebrity restaurant endorsements is a category i’ve been meaning to set up for a while.
there’s a restaurant near my office which has this picture of mick jagger on. i walked past with a colleague a while ago who said something along the lines of ‘mick jagger is a notourious cheap skate, he probably got a discount for posing for that picture’.
he’s probably not and probably didn’t of course (especially if you are a lawyer). but i do find these celebrity restaurant endorsements quite funny.