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alcohol on railing

abandoned drinks vessels


these were on a footpath running down the side of a very posh public school.  see what they teach ’em nowadadys



holy spirit


alcohol on railing was one of my very first funkypancake categories.  if you want to start a blog like funkypancake then starting with abandoned beer cans and bottles in london is a great place to start

rural wine holder


answering the age old question of where to put your wine glass when out for a woodland ramble ?


red wood

it’s been a while since i’ve photoed an alcoholic beverage on a railing. they were a staple on funkypancake for a while. so here’s a can of red stripe i spotted in a woodland pathway, suggesting someone took the bother to walk down it and leave their can.
people huh. still, it provided a photo.

christmas cheer for parking wardens

i liked these empty wine glasses on the parking meter. someone obviously finished quaffing their wine before heading off in their motor. Or perhaps they know the secret button combination which makes the parking meter dispense wine ? Maybe we could use these at church during communion


just look at the packaging on this can. half litre. Skol super. 9% alcohol. i can imagine some continental beer manufacturer saying “ideal for the british market”.

fosters (and napkin)

the napkin under this can of fosters is a nice touch i think. show’s a bit of class. no one likes a street beer swiller to have dregs of beer stuck round their face.

fosters and 7up

fosters are my most spotted abandoned drink cans. that’s interesting.


british people can’t get enough beer. so we’ve finally got 24 hour drinking. and there’s compulsary beer road blocks, such as seen here, next to the public toilets in covent garden. very convenient.