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rascle’s coffee noticing


do you remember when we used to have comments open on the blog and it was all fun and interactive?  that was nearly 9 years ago my friends. my good chum rascle was always on here making brilliant visual puns about things

anyway, he sent me this which is excellent.  here’s what he had to say:

Morning Dave.

Hope the Kiwi Autumn is not too depressing.

Even Autumn can’t erase all that beautiful scenery.

All good here and Easter only just around the corner

 When I saw this on our kitchen shelf I thought it was such a funkypancake picture.

Which is the original: The ordinary or the decaff? Surely not both!

How can the “New fuller flavour” be “original”??

The moral –

Never believe the advertisers.

Great stuff (sorry about the quality of the photo – it seems to have degraded as i uploaded it.  click for a better view)