October 2010

an ex-pukeko


shame this wasn’t a northern blue

all food half price


a small but significant step to help reduce world famine

$2 rack


an opshop is what kiwis call charity shops (thrift stores to you americans). 

i like how this one focussed on the ‘vintage retro preloved’ aspects of donated goods.

taking time


a sign saying take time and those people doing that exercise which involves moving slowly

5000 items whilst stocks last


surely as soon as they sell one item they’ll have less than 5000 items.  which is probably why they needed the asterisk

the eyes have it


this is a rather strange opticians near my office.  even my own reflection in the window was rather psychedelic

14.75 billion sold worldwide


this is brilliant.  it’s a little mobile trailer selling hot donuts.  claiming its own little part of the 14.75billion unit business.

who came up with the 14.75billion figure ? were they all sold from this single van ?

coat hooks


coat hooks in the park by some dead leaves.  a sure sign spring is here

hat in the gutter


not sure if this is a hat or light shade.  either way it looked good in a gutter