September 2010

pedestrians keep right


i like the little message down the bottom which says ‘safety is no accident’.  makes me think of this

how to avoid mobile driving ban


this chap was zooming along the pavement veering in every direction whilst he talked on the phone.  not sure whether that counts as illegal or not.   was fun to watch though

walking down a new road


hoorah this little walkway has been shut for months as they’ve been tarting it up.  now it looks lovely and open. so i walked down it.  nicely.


strange device in the park


here’s a wire controlled mini radio.  i had no idea what it was, but it was pointing in the general direction of Auckland’s most famous landmark


a bit of googling suggests it’s probably an fm radio so no threat to national security.  nothing to see here.  please move on.

vince’s team made my crisps


yesterday’s crisps (chippies) were made of waikato spuds by vince’s team.  much better than an anonymous secret code hidden on the back somewhere.  an actual person was involved.  and actual spuds.  good


defensive sign


this is a great sign and well worth a proper read

bob you rock


did you know new zealand has waterproof money ?  a brilliant idea. 

and this one even had a little message on – idea if your name was a penguin called bob