July 2010



there’s a really great shop in auckland (or rather two branches of the same shop) where you can go in and try all sorts of fantastic puzzles and games before you buy them.  it’s a bit like a games workshop type place where you can sit for hours and fiddle about without being hassled by the man.

except you will get ‘hassled’ by this man who is the owner and will do everything in his power to encourage you in your quest to expand your brain (in a non pressuring way)


it really is a rare treat and well worth a visit to either of the branches in Orewa or Devonport

read more here (shame about their website!)

biking on the beach


moving to new zealand has provided all sorts of fantastic opportunities which we wouldn’t have had in blighty.  like riding bikes on a wide open beach.


a pesky kiwi bird botherer

a wheely bad idea


on the positive side, they can claim they have installed a wheelchair ramp.


on the negative side, if you manage to get to the top of the ramp you have to balance on one wheel to get along the stairs (and even then you can’t get past the wall just to the left of where i stood to take the picture.

starbucks logo makeover ?


did you miss the announcement about the new starbucks logo ?  they’ve gone for something much simpler than the funny snake lady.  just a cup of tea on a small spill of milk.  nice.

thursday to friday


esther said ‘why to and not and’.  i say ‘why to and not while’.  blummin southerners