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Monthly Archives: May 2010


a bizarre beach where you dig your own hot water pool at low tide and then sit in the sweltering hot waters naturally coming out of the ground under the sand. 


we went there at christmas and i uploaded these photos to the blog in January.  but some reason i didn’t actually click to publish the pictures until now.  sorry about that.


apologies if there’s duplication here, getting a bit confused about what went on funkypancake and which one went on the other blog.  but this sign seems to suggest you can walk your dog on the beach to celebrate the queen’s birthday


there’s was a sign saying “found, rabbit” at the entrance to our street the other day.  i’m convinced someone had found a wild rabbit by mistake, so i was going to put up my own sign saying “found, pukeko” (those funny little chicken like things which wander wild round here.

whilst on the way to a work meeting i saw this stuck on the wall outside a cafe.  much better than anything i could have thought up.

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