March 2010

stealth camping


this was a sculpture of a tent made of mirrored metal.  but what a great idea




this chap seems to be wearing shorts (and waving)

a good excuse


somehow the fact that we know the toilet isn’t flushing gives more weight and acceptance to the fact that it’s closed. all we needed was that extra bit of info



i took this photo outside my office.   it’s a toothbrush of course.

little did i know when i took it that there is a ‘famous’ toothbrush related attraction just a few hours down the road from Auckland which was featured on the awesome Nothing To See Here today.  we’ll definately go in search of it when we go exploring that area.

and you should spend some time in the Nothing To See Here archives as it really is a great source of famliy fun


buzz’ satellite butt


we went round to some friends’ house for tea yesterday and they are low on water as can be seen by the bulb on the top of their water butt.  they aren’t due a fill up until later in the week so we had to be frugal with our toilet flushes.

draw where you live


this is an official electoral role form thing where if you don’t have a proper address for your house you can draw a nice picture of where to find it.  just like you did at primary school.

i love this country so much !

unglas hut


perhaps just selling frames.

kmart special


this is on cheap as it’s a leaky inflatable air bed.  i would have expected it to be even cheaper.  but it wasn’t.



this is a step