January 2010

don’t play by the effluent hole


this rather nice signs warns kids not to pay by the poo outlet pipe.  good advice.  interesting that the photo looks like a face with a sign eye patch.

sometimes i’m glad comments are broken !

jane and i on a date


my lovely wife and i went out on a date on friday night as the girls went to a sleep over at some lovely friends’ house


we went for a walk down the beach.  it was low tide


i had pork and bacon and apple which looked like an owl


jane was delighted


then i had a cheesecake and washed it all down with a hot chocolate which was a bad idea.


then on saturday morning we went to a posh cafe for breakfast where i had sausage bacon and toast.   there were four sausages and a giant’s fist full of bacon.

we had friends round for tea this evening and had a big meal with them cooked by jane.  so we’re all feeling a little rotund.  but good.

home made toilet signs


is this possibly the worst toilet sign ever ?  it looks like they didn’t have any writing materials so had to use what they had to hand.  yuck.

still, it prepared you for what was behind the door – a legendary kiwi long drop toilet.

some great signage


nice to see a starfish on a sign.  you can click on the star to bookmark it in the real world.  probably.



it’s interesting to see what happens to the tree here in new zealand as the seasons progress.  we arrived at the beginning of spring so we’ve seen all sorts of stuff start to happen.

these things remind me of similar nut-jobs that were around in london.  no idea what they were called either.


night-bell and speaking tube


it’s great when you stumble across a piece of history in an unexpected place.  this lovely building is near my office and yesterday was the first time i’d stopped to read the sign.

how fantastic to have a ‘speaking tube connecting the front door to the doctor’s bedside’ back in 1892 !


the facts of life


there’s something very cool (“sweet as”) about the way white lines are drawn over here.  rather than being a solid line of which paper they seem to be made up of lots of runny drops


they also have a slightly 3d structure and you can feel/here a slight rumbling if you drive over them


but i can’t help thinking of secondary school biology lessons and cartoon videos of the facts of life.