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Monthly Archives: May 2009


this weekend has seen the henley art trail which has been (and still is if you are reading this in the UK before monday evening).


this was our favourite place with gooses and baby gooses and a number of hens, including the one above queuing for refreshments


i spotted the bride was secretly wearing bright blue shoes and we got her to show them when they were standing outside.


now, i’m only showing you these photos because i think they are quite
funny.  quality-wise they are rubbish !  the bride had blue shoes on
and we ask her to reveal them as she walked down the aisle





there’s a horrible green colour cast on the back wall there.



i still don’t plan to do any weddings, but i went on a great wedding course yesterday with my good friend richard.  plenty more pictures to bore you with, but this is my favourite i think based on a quick skim through. click for big goodness.

the shot below is a closer crop of the shot above.  again, click for goodness !



little chef is brilliant.  still doing greasy breakfasts and giving away complementary lollypops which instantly transported me back to childhood trips to (what seemed like) the other side of the planet, but were in fact just a few hours up a non-motorway. 

when we arrived we’d peel our bare legs off the faux leather seats and not be able to sit down for the rest of the day.  kids today don’t know they are born.


things look to be improving on the tesco discount shelf after the chaos of the last few months.  although i did notice when i went by a week ago that some of the Corn Flake Mix had turned in to pick n mix.


however, earlier this week everything was looking very orderly and nice.  so well done tesco.

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