February 2009

the end of barbie head ?


poor old barbie head.  once a beauty with beautiful hair, then a waif with dreadlocks, and now …  well, we don’t know as she’s not there any more.  we’ll need to do some more searching down the streets, but i fear the bin men ‘moved’ her in to their lorry. 

oh dear

murder in the aisles ?


if you were going to murder someone in tescos, i advise you to do it by the jars of beetroot, as no one will be bothered by the pool of blood.  especially if you do it at my local tesco where it’s more of a novelty to find a clean bit of floor.  in fact, they’d probably scoop up the body and put it in the reduced goods area and sell it off cheap.

not that funkypancake in any way condones or encourages murdering, either in supermarkets, or outside them (or even in the entrance)

a token fury


this is very british.  these people weren’t properly furious, but they thought they should be so they did something which showed willing, but was a bit half hearted.  just so they didn’t upset anyone.  you know.

feathers and burnt yellow pages


what’s the story behind this do you think ?  why would there be feathers everywhere and a half burnt copy of the yellow pages in the middle of a forest ?

prayer thing on a pedestrian crossing


some things are so good you just have to stand in front of them or 5 minutes taking photos of them.  such as this.  brilliant.







robyn hitchcock


jane and i went with some friends to see robyn hitchcock on saturday night.  he’s one of my favouritist musicians and it was a great show. watch a video here


it was a seated gig which i’m really in to these days.  the music was still loud and manic though and a chap on our row was waving his legs wildly where he sat, making the whole row wobble.  it was a bit like being in a mosh pit.  only slightly less squashy.


robyn even popped out after the show to sign some albums.  what a nice chap

the husband of the support act singer had a fine moustache / beard combo.


wispas in a blue bucket

this is no way to treat chocolate – by the way, i’m back on the chocolate now.  although nowhere near the level of previously and feeling much more in control of the situation !

signs and wonders


look at this sign.  brings together brilliant random signage and religion.  what a great idea.


poor old barbie head



here she was a couple of days ago (seen by flash light at night)




esther loves her coat hood being up