July 2008

where bolly


there’s a bollard hidden in the picture above.  can you see it ?


here’s a shot from a slightly different angle (with me in it).  can you see it yet ?

(warning – spoiler)

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paintin unit


right next to the decoratin unit.

further reductions due to public demand


further reductions due to public demand.  blummin public.  always wanting stuff cheaper.  perhaps it’s no surprise this shop eventually shut down if it was just listening to its customers asking for stuff more cheaper without any regard for its own costs.

action intercepted


this was a parked car with a bit of a noddy photoshop working for interest.  not sure if it entirely works. i probably won’t try and recreate an actual version of it whizzing along the street.  unless i’m down a manhole



i took this photo at the end of the June but only just spotted it in the pending pile.  even so, if you’ve got a sign up at the end of june saying you hope the work would have finished 3 months ago then people aren’t going to be too impressed.

flattened by praise!


sometimes even the best things in life can get on top of you.


that morning


i walked past this yesterday morning and saw it on the telly when i got to my destination.  toyah was wandering about chatting to the cooks with the other main presenters.  probably not worth missing my meeting for, but vaguely interesting neverthelessormore