funkyphoto – big ben bonanza

my first geocache will say something like this:


It’s fairly easy to come to london and take the standard tourist photo of london landmarks like the one above of Big Ben.  This cache is to help you get a slightly more unusual picture you can be really proud of.

The coordinates are for The Clock Tower itself (Big Ben is the bell inside the tower). You won’t need to go anywhere you shouldn’t and you probably won’t need your satnav !  Nearest tube station is Westminster (which itself is a fantastic site if you arrive by the Jubilee Line).

You need to work out where to stand to get the photo shown below.  To claim the cache you need to take and upload a photo to prove you found the right spot.


You’ll get the best results if you take your photo in the afternoon as the sun moves round to illuminate the tower from the right direction.  And if you’re lucky enough to have a really nice day, get there just before sunset to watch the houses of parliament glow a glorious yellow !

Photoing tips – always take a few shots so you can chose the best one, why not include some people in the foreground to give it some scale ?  if you’ve got an SLR camera, use a small aperture to get Big Ben and the foreground nice and sharp.  Landscape mode will probably do the same on a compact camera.

Most of all, enjoy taking photos, and always look for something a little different !



looking the wrong way !


update: but it appears the rules of geocaching might not actually allow this type of geocache, so never mind.  still, you might find it useful.  or something