May 2008

plants on the move


we’ve possibly had this before, but it’s such a good one it’s worth a revisit


vin’s quality find

vin foundpic 010a.jpg

regular commenter Vin sent me these photos of a fantastic passport photo find.  he also sent me the actual photo which i’ve put in my found photos tin.

vin foundpic 009a.jpg

in due course i’ll add it to my davescollections website, but i’m frightened to do that at present  as it may not survive being updated due to the same problems i had with funkypancake

VIPee area


these toilets had an area which was cordoned off.  it was quite a posh place so i suspect that it was the VIPee area.

bt tower


i was lucky enough to get another trip up BT tower.  unfortunately after the fortnight of fantastic weather it was cloudy and rainy when i went up so i didn’t take as many pictures as on previous voyages.  still, i liked how the picture above came out.


an evening out


jane and i were invited out to ben and jane’s house last night, and we realised we hadn’t been out together for such an event with just the two of us for ages.  and it was jolly good, despite ben forgetting to bring my hot drink before we started playing a board game thus psyching me in to second place.


waddesdon manor


we had a agreat day as usual yesterday at waddesdon manor with my mum.  more photos to come – just haven’t had a chance to sort them yet !

street embassadors delight


i love the street embassadors who live on the streets of london.  this was an absolute classic example.  it looks like some crazy 70s funksters front room , complete with psychedlic carpet, period furniture and glass drinks cabinet


but look closers and you realised it’s just set up in a side street with a nice little sign inviting people to sit down and join them for dinner.  pity i spotted when they were all out partying or something.  but what a brilliant insider outside thing !


no junk mail only royal mail


i love this sign completely.  it seems so lovelily british.  you can imagine it being on the queen’s front door.  someone is still proud of this great and bizarre little country we live in.  and hoorah for that i say.



there was a short period of time where the design of microwaves and televisions collided.  nowadays tellies look like posters and microwaves look like toasters.  i think.




i think this chap might be french, but i’ve forgotten who he is !  i think he’s vaguely near tower bridge or something.  that’s pretty rubbish blogmanship.  sorry