wicken fen

i had a meeting near cambridge yesterday so i got up 3 hours earlier than i needed and got to Wicken Fen by 7.30am in the morning for an explore and a photo.
the windmill is a wind pump don’t you know
i spent ages seeking the bird hides which were quite well hidden. after playing seek the hide for a while i found one and went in for a my petrol station bought prepacked chicken sandwich. the only birds i saw were 2 pigeons and a crow. oh well.
when i arrived i went the wrong way and ended up going on the adventurers’ trail. although i didn’t see many other adventurers. so it probably should have been adventurer’s trail. am i being preposterophe ? that’s a new word i just made up, combining apostrophe and preposterous.
eventually i found the nice boardwalk bit which lead to the windmill
but not before seeing lots of nice ditches
here’s a final picture of the wind pump