March 2007

portsmouth docks

we had a great day in portsmouth yesterday. we started by going up spinnaker tower, then we went to hms warrior (see in the foreground here) and hms victory which is near the middle.
there’s plenty more photos to come and we’ll definitely be going again to see the rest of the stuff we didn’t have time for on this trip.

spinnaker tower glass floor

spinnaker tower has a section which is a glass floor so you can look straight down. here are some pictures taken by kezia i think

lighter in the middle of a busy road

as regular readers will know, i now work in the ‘burbs rather than down town london (quite near to Heathrow, so give me a wave out the window as you’re coming down). this photo is taken in the middle of 6 lanes of the A4 with cars whizzing by each side. just so you know the lengths i go to get you some photos !

british spring

poor quality picture i’m afraid, but you get the idea.