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flying to glasgow

after the mad wind of thursday i had a beautiful flight to glasgow. do you ever have working days when you think your job is more of a privilege than a chore ? i quite often do, and this was one of them.
i arrived in a jolly good mood (thanks to BMI business class)
i did feel a bit embarrassed to be in business class, on the ‘other side’ of the blue curtain. especially when they said on the tannoy (t-annoy?) that we’d be getting a complementary hot meal whilst those in economy could purchase a sandwich.
we could chose between ‘traditional’ or ‘vegetarian’. i thought traditional sounded a good way of describing a hot cooked breakfast. but then they offered ‘traditional’ or ‘early grey’ tea – so ‘traditional’ obviously means ‘regular’. but you can’t say that ‘regular’ in posh business class !