August 2006

upping the stakes

this sign struck me as a bit odd. it’s advertising to thieves that they can pick up ‘free’ sat navs (whereas they aren’t actually free, they are just stolen).
meanwhile they recommend owner (singular) does one of two things or lose it.
this is a sign egging on both sides of the battle for a more interesting fight.


(i think i preferred the curling version i saw here)

me shooting

my first two ever shots hit the clay and it went rapidly down hill from there. some of my colleagues were really caught by the shooting bug, but in the flea or flight stakes, i’m definately an insect.

Richard Faulds
here is Richard Faulds, Olympic Gold medal winner.
Richard did a demonstration shoot which resulted in bits of clay pigeon dropping on our heads. which was nice

seeing the light

well done to Rascle for guessing the thing. it was in fact some modern stage lights as used at the holiday club last week. that particular light poked me in the ear. which was nice.

heavenly peace

vin sent me this excellent picture of a chap having a sleep outside a church (in Acton)