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Monthly Archives: April 2006

jane and i went to dog racing on Saturday night. it was very good.
it was just like the blur album parklife
each race started with some laboratory technicians (in their best lab coats) walking the dogs up and down the track
the dogs seemed to enjoy this bit
then they were set lose and off they ran
and here are some people placing bets
jane and i went to savill gardens yesterday. it was very pretty and you can tell spring is properly here.
there’s a nice little stream that runs through the gardens:
they weren’t very good at getting the colours all separated though. look at this. it’s all purples mixed up with yellows. they’d never be able to run a charity clothing shop like this.

we had a music practice last night and jane asked lynda the piano player to play a little riff thing that she sung. “just a minute” said lynda, “i need to work out where the notes are”. i helpfully pointed out that she had loads of them on that funny long black and white table she was sitting at.
her piano might have more notes than my bass guitar, but i can play the same note on different strings, whereas she only has one of each note at each pitch. so there.

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