October 2005



before and after

i realised today that i walk past a number of ‘before and after’ adverts so i undertook to photo them for you.
here’s the first. it’s advertising “hi-lites” but neither the before or after pictures look very convincing. this poor chap looks as disappointed after as he did before.
then there’s this chap. he looks a bit happier at the end, but the wording is a bit disturbing ‘stays on better?’
but my all time favourite has to be this one which i thought was a missing person advert. then i read ‘trial’ and thought it must be one of those social-injustice posters. but instead it’s some sort of advert for something which takes 6 months.
this woman certainly looks a lot sadder after only 6 months which is a shame.



found train pass

i found this train pass on the way to work yesterday morning. it’s still got a month to run on it and costed 235pounds and thirty pence. i phoned his local train station and they took my phone numbers so if he gets in contact i can hand it over to him in person.
i’ll let you know what happens and if i do meet him i’ll be sure to capture the moment on camera and post to davescollections
(i’ve obfuscated (great word, but probably spelt wrong) all the sensitive details on the picture)
update: reunited here