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Monthly Archives: May 2005

aha. the holy grail of street stuff is the lost photo. the lost passport photo is the king of the crop.
so imagine my excitement when i saw this on the floor. could it be a passport photo ?
i picked it up and yes !

a little along the street was this slightly burnt ‘passport photo holster’.

i’ll add this to davescollections when i get a chance

kids love slap stick comedy. i usually find this sort of antic anoying, but this chap was very excellent.
and it was great watching the kids concentrating on his show, and watch them watching him telling jokes that the grown ups had heard thousands of times before.
but for the kids it was the first time they’d heard them and they reacted accordingly

look at this great no dog fouling sign from my long lost flat mate jeremy.
i like how they’ve used the word ‘refrain’ in the sentence. it’s usually ‘please refrain from letting your dog …’. here you’ve simply got to ‘refrain your dog’
but the highlight of the sign is the accuracy of the fine formula. truely this sign was created by a mathematician

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