how’s your daily walk going ?
i’ve tried to pick up the speed of mine to start preparing for the marathon. i arrived at work quite out of breath and eagerly looked at my pedometer to see what my average speed was (so i can get some feel for how long my marathon’s going to take).
unfortunately my pedometer wasn’t impressed and actually showed my walk was slower today than usual. i suspect technical trouble.
anyway, on my walk today i saw this little clothing label on the floor which made me think of how i’m doing on my spiritual walk.
the label says ‘M’ which could mean Medium. but i think it’s not as good as that. so i’ll pretend it means Male.
Recent world events have re-emphasised the fragility and uncertaintly of life. When things happen to others it makes us realise how any of our lives could (and will) just ‘end’ at any moment.
This little label on the street has really made me think about what i’m actually doing in life/death. Which is quite a healthy thing to do at the beginning of a new year.