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traffic jam toilet conundrum

so, what do you do when you are stuck in a massive stationary motorway queue and your two year old starts screaming at the top of her voice that she needs a poo ?
well, you put up with it as long as you can then you get your wife to lift up the 2 year old whilst your 5 year old inserts a potty under her bott.
you then wait patiently and hope that the matter in question is just liquid (and not a Preecy Egg“)
you then get the 5 year old to hold the potty steady whilst the 2 year old is lifted slowly up and lowered back in to her car seat.
meanwhile the driver (me) needs to be extremely carefully accelerating and decelerating as the once stationary traffic queue starts to finally move off.
i’m pleased to announce there was no physical spillage or loss of dignity in the process, though i fear the emotional scars may take longer to heal.