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anniversary celebrations

the funkypancake blog turns one year old on the 16th April 2004 (this friday). so what shall we do to celebrate ? it’s up to you.
if you don’t come up with anything decent i’ll submit you to some of my old songs (like the 6th month anniversary). and then you won’t be happy.
or should we have a junior pop idol contest ? or a lost glove-a-thon ? or a random-misinterpreted-street-sign.
or should i invest in a spellchucker and/or thessorious ? or more dressing up ?
if you are a regular reader or an irregular reader or even just a random picture looker, then send me a photo of yourself and i’ll compile a Readers’ Faces with links back to your blog if you want (a bit like the commenters’ links page)
Send your photos and suggestions to