the fight against terrorism #1

we’re all on heightened alert. firemen are practicing their worst case scenarios (with dogs) in abandoned tube stations.
they announced on my train on monday that we should all keep our hand luggage near us to prevent terrorism. on tuesday they said we should keep our hand luggage by us so no-one stole it (you obviously can’t trust a terrorist).
they even shut paddington station for an hour yesterday morning as they found a suspicious package, which eventually exploded (because the police blew it up – it wasn’t a bomb)
so what would today bring in the fight against terrorism ? razor blades. what ? yes, complimentary razors for anyone of shaving age (and gender) walking through paddington station.
so at least if an attack comes we are all armed to fight back.
on a comedy related theme, i went to a very high security government building for a meeting this morning. i put all my valuables (camera, pedometer etc) in my bag before i arrived so they could all go throught the x-ray machine.