stuck in a lift

jane, esther and kezia got stuck in a lift in whsmiths in reading today. do you see the strange coincidence here:
* whsmith is a stationary store so it’s no surprise the lift didn’t move
* whsmith sells books which are good for reading. and our local town is called reading.
it’s amazing they even got permission to install a lift with the odds so stacked against them.
the girls were stuck in the lift on their own for around 10 minutes during which time they could communicate by shouting to people in the rest of the shop. it was a power cut apparently which resets the lift, which is a nice idea.
the girls were rewarded for their good behaviour by the shop keepers by the traditional rewards of coke, crisps and chocolate (the three C’s). i bet blaine-in-a-box will get the same reward when he is released.