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a seat of great responsibility

i don’t like flying at all. but i put on a brave face.
my seat this evening was next to the emergency exit, and because of the layout of the plane I was on the emergency exit route. In fact, as pointed out by the stewardess, i was responsible for operating the emergency exit in an emergency.
i had little training but took the responsibilty very seriously. it appeared i would need to slide a little window down, pull a handle and remove the complete door unit. i was ready. luckily i didn’t need to go through with it. though i was ready for a drill at 5,000 feet.
I was thinking about opening it a jar whilst we were going on to get a nice breeze going through. however, they have nice little screens on the planes showing where you are and wind speed etc. one of them said it was -20degC outside so i decided to keep the door shut.