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top digital photo developing tip

i had 200 digital photos developed at Boots using their overnight service and it only cost £20 !
They have a special offer on until mid-September and they print the name of the file on the back of each shot which you can use to make a date stamp.

more details
i was disappointed they didn’t provide one of those little index cards which show mini-versions of photos and their file names.
However, they do print the file name on the back of the photo which is great.
If you use a program like the excellent exifer, you can change the file name to include the date the photo was taken
eg original photo name was DSC04832.jpg on the 25th june 2003 (25 06 03)
use Exifer to change the name to 030625-DSC0432.jpg I reverse the year/month/day so they get filed by my computer in date order.
And there you have it, a date-stamped photo, with the original file name still there so you can find the original version.
Great for getting them in the right order when they get put in an album !
Do all digital printers now put the file name no the back of photos ?