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flash mobs

there was a flash mob 10 seconds walk from my office on Thursday evening and I missed it 🙁
i like the idea of flashmobs a lot, but some of their randomness/obvciousness is taken away by the very fact they consist of lots of people all doing the same random thing at once.
i much prefer a random list of instructions where individuals go and do their own private mobbing independently, possibly reporting back to a central point. It seems much more surreal for dozens of unconnected people to wander in to their local supermarket and ask for a bag of loagy-beads (made up thing) all on the same day, all around the world. no-one locally would be any the wiser.
I have been (unwittingly) trying to do this with my Instructions For The Week category.
I was inspired by an exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall foyer a few years ago which was about the Fluxus movement
I may consider a new blog to concentrate on this. What do you think ?