little red riding hoodwinked

i’m working from home today and as usual i started at 6.30am sitting wifi-ly in our front room. at 8am the kids came down and wanted to watch CBeebies. Whilst relocating upstairs I caught a little bit of the Fimbles, which is very strange stuff.

They told the story of little red riding hood. traditionally she and the granny were eaten by the wolf and there was some woodcutter surgery at the end.
However, in this version, it got as far as the “all the better to eat …” bit when suddenly the granny arrived at the front door laughing, and then the wolf laughed and it turned out it was all just a joke and lrrh had fallen for it. it all ended happily every after when the wolf, granny and lrrh sat down for tea.
it’s a cruel world. but i’m glad we have got away from the wolf prejudice. there are some good wolves in the world and it’s nice we got to see the other side.