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i don’t know it they’ll work very well, but i thought i’d have a go. so you now have some lovely polls to fill in on the right. we can all learn about each other in aggregate. the polls should rotate randomly. possibly.
let me know if you have a good idea for a question (and a few answers) or have any problems.

black and white day tomorrow ?

it’s a while since i set myself an interesting challenge so i thought i may have a black and white photo day tomorrow. i’ll set it on my camera rather than remove the colours on my computer.
alternatively i could use the pyschedlic setting which i acidentally actioned for this shot.
what’s it to be ? black and white or psychedlic ?

pancake fun

it’s pancake day today.
esther mixed whilst kezzie watched
DSC00570.jpg DSC00569.jpg
jane enjoyed tossing them (note the psychedelic camera work):
and everyone enjoyed eating them (with chocolate sauce, lemon and sugar)
DSC00584.jpg DSC00586.jpg


automatic post updating
If you see the autoblogging sign it means i’ve set the site up to keep you amused automatically. it usually means i’m not able to access my computer for some reason – perhaps travelling with work or going some place where i don’t know if they have internet connectivity.
or maybe i just want some time off.
anyroad, you will be funished with your usually daily funky goodness.
but approving comments might take slightly longer than usual.
enjoy the machine …

they’ve zapped my strength

i’ve noticed my google page rank has dropped from the heady highs of 7/10 to 4/10. have the quality control people moved in ?
i’m still number one for a google search for ‘junior pop idol’ which is good. and still the only result if you do a search for “macaroon macaroon macaroon”

very funky pancakes

A massive thank you to Cheryl of BatonNOiR for my lovely pancakes and help with my colour scheme.
I don’t know if she cooked them especially (or whether she had a stock picture of pancakes), but they look good. They have a mysteriously purple color and bits of banana on top which makes them very funky.
i’m even happy to use the lazy American spelling of color on this occasion. but ONLY this occasion !

The Dinner Project

One of my daily blog reads is Texas T-bone. He’s recently published a cook book made up of contributed recipes. it’s even got one of my recipes in there !
check out his dinner project page for more info, or download the pdf (145KB) here (right click and save might be safer than just clicking).
dinner project.gif

new colours

just trying out some new colour scheme. let me know if you see anything weird.
(i’ve decided to change this new scheme as it’s not very clear ! but might not be until tomorrow until i get time)

poorly server

not sure if anyone noticed but the server went poorly again last night. i’ve now implemented a little message thing which i’ll put up if it happens again.
it means i can’t add any new posts and no comments will be displayed during this time ! hopefully it won’t happen that often. if it does you’ll see this:

the spam as art concept

those who blog will know of the scurge of blog comment spam. the idea that someone posts a comment with their webaddress name pointing to their website which is usually selling some enhancing or prolonging or age reducing miracle.

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mysterious goings on

i think the e-landlord might be doing some work on the server at the moment, so apologies for any temporary blog disruption which may have or continue to occur. how i missed it when it was gone.
it’s just like the wispa bar, but i suspect they may be gone for good.
on the subject of old sweets, everyone must have seen this by now. Relive the sweets which made your teeth what they are today.

it seems a little broke

i think there may be something wrong with the server this evening.
apologies for any temporary lack of viewing

my teenage following

did you know there is a secret petition thing going on ?
check out this previous entry.
It was this that lead me to disable the display of email addresses on comments as i didn’t think it a great idea for me to be publishing young girls’ email addresses.
i’m going to write to the TV company and see what i can find out what they plan to do for the under 16s …

weather pixie

the poor old weather pixie has been feeling under the weather. So i’ve moved her to her own entry and people can go searching for her if they want.
The WeatherPixie
If you can’t see anything exciting above then she’s simply too busy to appear.
oh well. it’s always raining in england anyway.

when blogs collide

i went out with grahame from dragoon last night. until recently his blog was sublet under the funkypancake domain, but now he has his own house to live in.
we wandered the streets of london and relieved some of our various blog postings. most(ly) fun.
DSC08129.jpg DSC08131.jpg
this photo is sideways, but i think it works better that way:

google pagerank

here is a bit of excitement for us as the blog approached it’s 6th month birthday.
we have a google pagerank of 5/10 which i think is probably quite impressive. how we love technology when it brings us nice surprises.
google pagerank 5.jpg

Missing Comment Text

well, i had some trouble with missing field text on comments. it was an IE6 parsing error. however, a fantatic chap from gave me some instructions on how to solve the problem. (the site is not available at the moment so i can’t vet advise you on the content). Many thanks Rob !

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