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Funkypancake – A Great British Blog

Funkypancake along with 5 other blogs have been nominated as ‘Great British Blogs’ by the British Council in Japan !

I’m a regular reader of Annie Mole’s (pictured here) from Going Underground but i didn’t recognise any of the others listed. A quick whizz round them all revealed Hippy Shopper to be the ‘website i’m most likely to keep an eye on’ from the rest of the list.
here’s the front cover for the magazine which is also available online here (in english)

also – i’m being interviewed on BBC Radio Berkshire on Thursday. Listen in from 2.30pm uk time here. This follows the celebrity wedding when i met soose’s boss phil kennedy.

and finally, i found out today one of my photos is going to be printed in the Reading and Leeds Festival programme
i think it’s probably this one – see more from within the crowd at Reading 2004 here

jolly times in funkypancake land. so thanks all you readers for the massive encouragement you give by leaving comments, sending emails and generally showing up in the webstats !

life update

you probably wouldn’t have guessed, but life in the funkypancake world has been quite busy

i had a week off work to play in the band at the holiday bible club

then we went up to Keswick in the Lake District for a week. i’ve got about 200 photos to post from that holiday (out of the 2000 i took). you can look forward to that !

somewhere along the way i had a birthday. i had two cakes – one was a candle shoved in 4 squares of chocolate, and the other was a candle shoved in a small ice-cream.

then we came back and went to the celebrity wedding

somewhere along the line esther got two guinea pigs

and jane got a new tent

and work became stupid busy because of this

so, that’s why i might not have replied to your email. sorry about that.

funkypancake will be 2 on saturday !

hey. Funkypancake is 2 tomorrow (saturday). last year i compiled a page of photos of readers so as to turn the blog inside out for a few moments.
i’d be delighted to do that again. the blog averages around 1,400 different visitors each day (over 22 thousand different visitors last month) so we should be able to get a few photos together !
so if you are a regular reader or an irregular reader or even just a random picture looker, then send me a photo of yourself and i’ll compile a Readers’ Faces with links back to your blog if you want.
or you could send me a mundane picture in the funkypancake style if you like.
Send your photos and suggestions to

funkypancake makes the national media

can you believe it, but funkypancake is featured in a national magazine this month !
Dogs Today magazine has done a special feature on dog signs and funkypancake features quite heavily (thanks to Mark the journalist for the excellent write-up)
you must rush out and buy a copy. it’s the May 205 issue you want, priced £3.50 (three and a half pond starling)
and there’s a rather nice quote i shall treasure:
“[funkypancake] has a lust and zeal for life and all its quirks that those with far fewer worries in the world could be quite jealous of. From the mundane to the mad, the interesting to the absurd, [he] captures moments and objects that few of us ever notice … and perhaps don’t need to.”

Read More »funkypancake makes the national media

5000th entry

this entry deliberately left blank.

the bloggies

i’m not sure what you think about such things (i’m not sure what i think about such things either), but anyway, you might have noticed that the 2005 bloggies have been launched:
You have until 10th January 2005 to get your nominations in (hint hint).
I’ve not got a clue which categories Funkypancake would fit, but i guess photography, british blog and humorous ? Dunno. Up to you. but only nominate if you think Funkypancake is worth voting for !

comment spam

comment spam is getting a bit out of hand and i think it’s artificially bumping up the visitor stats.
so i’ve changed the system a bit. so drop me an email if you have trouble commenting.
i’ve implemented some of the stuff described here:

vital stadistics

did you notice the hit counter this month ? We’ve had over 10,000 different visitors which is very exciting.
and a few days ago we had our 3,000th comment.
so that’s all very exciting isn’t !
and here is the 3,000th photo i’ve taken with my new camera which i got on the 13th August 2004. I took it a couple of days ago so that’s about 75 shots a day.
it’s a lady with a fancy coat pushing a hospital wheel chair containing her handbag down the street.

advanced warning

i’m going to do some upgrading of the blog this evening, so if you can’t see this or everything goes weird, don’t panic.
if it’s still weird by tomorrow then you can panic.
click for blog
update: well, that was scarey. i got halfway through updating and it all fell apart.
the support from movabletype was fantastic though and here we are. comments still need working on so sorry if there’s strangeness.
if you find anything else (unintentionally) weird, let me know

when blogs colide

whenever i’ve met other bloggers they’ve always turned out to be fantastically nice people. regular commenter maxx from maxblog was in london today so we met up for a glass of fizzy pop with konstantin from london leben.
both are german but were happy to talk english whilst i was there. i find stuff like that really humbling and completely helpful.
here they are. konstantin on the left and maxx on the right. i can assure you they looked normal in real life !

blog children

check out jewel’s new blog of photos, including some very nice bollards.
she’s only just got going, but is off to a great start. jewel wrote me a nice email and said she was inspired by this site which was very nice !
and it’s in the same spirit as this blog so perhaps it’s the first funkypancake blog child ?

3000th post

oooh, this is the 3000th funkypancake post. that’s an average of ‘quite a few’ a day since 16 April 2003 so that’s 6 and a bit posts per day. fancy that fact fans.

busiest day

the last few days have been a bit bonkers stats wise !
937 unique visitors on wednesday. it must have been the power of the blog meetup.

blog meet

i went with grahame (of dragoon) to a london bloggers meet this evening. here is grahame with the world famous annie mole (of going underground)
lots of the people were as you’d expect them to be – proud techno-nerds. but there were lots of jolly people there too. like these two:

some readers

i was completely un-indated with photos for the readers faces celebratory annual blog gallery exhibition.
if you ever comment on the blog or ever pop by for a read then send me a photo and i’ll add you. it’s nice to see who we all are !
maxx and sarah (and thomas):
Maxx.jpg sarah.jpg
tony and brother edd:
tony.jpg edd.jpg
cheryl and michelle:
cheryllalala.jpg michelle.jpeg

happy blogday

hoorah. one year of blogging completed today. people i’ve mentioned this to have said:
“only one year ? it feels like longer”.
i’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing.

anniversary celebrations

the funkypancake blog turns one year old on the 16th April 2004 (this friday). so what shall we do to celebrate ? it’s up to you.
if you don’t come up with anything decent i’ll submit you to some of my old songs (like the 6th month anniversary). and then you won’t be happy.
or should we have a junior pop idol contest ? or a lost glove-a-thon ? or a random-misinterpreted-street-sign.
or should i invest in a spellchucker and/or thessorious ? or more dressing up ?
if you are a regular reader or an irregular reader or even just a random picture looker, then send me a photo of yourself and i’ll compile a Readers’ Faces with links back to your blog if you want (a bit like the commenters’ links page)
Send your photos and suggestions to

big time media

i’m mentioned in passing in the Observer newspaper today:
how exciting ! (thanks to dan for finding this)