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it’s a blogging disaster

finger trouble by the techies running the site meant we lost all of funkypancake a few hours ago.
i’m hoping i can rebuild most of it, but i’m concerned i haven’t got archives of all the photos. i was trying to back up the blog this afternoon and left my work machine downloading the files this evening. i’ve no idea if it had finished or not. i guess i’ll find out on monday …
so what we (nearly) had here was a low bandwidth, photo free blog 🙁
update: i’ve managed to piece most of it together from my own backups and my Internet Explorer Cache. I’m still missing a few photos though. if you visited the site yesterday (friday) and saw my st paul photos can you drop me an email as the ‘missing’ photos might be on your computer !
me mending the site at 2.48am Saturday morning. i finally went to bed at 3.15 and got up at 7.45am to look after the kids whilst jane went shopping.
mending the website.jpeg
update 2: thanks to Tony, we now are back to a complete blog. hoorah.

a surprise blogday party

also, the funkypancake blog is 6 months old next thursday (assuming it survives the journey). we should of course celebrate this fact in some appropriate way. but how ? suggestions please.
also, funkypancake will be down for part of tomorrow as the server it lives on is being physically moved to a different location. hopefully they’ll wrap it up nicely in some fluffy bubble wrap and treat it “real good”.

the lights went out …

apologies for the short out(r)age. was due to bad server stuff. sorted now. did it remind you of electricity rationing in the 1970s ? no, me neither.


you probably never go there, but i just updated the funkypancake front page with a logo and longer wait before it bounces you to the blog.
here it is for those who can’t be bothered to click the link above (or can’t see the new page because the old one is stuck in their cache)
click for blog


i had some really nice photos for you today. but i accidentally deleted them. there was a really good one of a man attempting to push a building down the street. here is a very small version:
it was recovered by photorecovery. it’s $40 to register (then you can recover the full sized photos) It’s not worth it for me for the two photos I want. definately worth considering if i start doing this trick more often though !
i’ve taken 7300 photos with my camera and this is the first time i’ve accidentally deleted any 🙁

beautiful blog

one day i may get round to making this blog look a bit prettier. when i do i’ll use the tools referred to here

tech troubles

a[pologies for anyone trying to post comments to the blog today or last night. server trouble meant your attempts would have failed. we all back and doing now though.

guest bloggers

i’m potentially unable to blog for a few days next week, so i’ve been asked to consider allowing a couple of guest bloggers.
i’m undecided on this at the moment – there’s a certain randomness in the plan which i like. but an obvious lack of editorial control (and potential for destruction).
thoughts (and volunteers) welcome.

entry 1001

wow. the ‘n‘ was the n’th entry which was entry number 1000 (across all the blogs including deleted entries). makes you proud doesn’t it. probably. not.

website fame

i was mentioned on radio6 this evening for bumping in to famous people. unfortunately i was listening via the internet and my machine crashed just as he said “we’ve also got an email from funkypancake who sent in a list of things and web addresses by …” machine froze. so i don’t know if this site was mentioned or not. and they don’t archive that particular show so i can’t listen back to it.
that’s modern technology for you. you can’t trust it. and you mustn’t either.

tech troubles …

i haven’t been able to update the blog because there is some DNS trouble with my ntlworld connection meaning i can’t see the site.
lots of photos to put on the blog sometime today and another spotted celebrity picture …
update: midday Monday. trouble still remains. ntl not bothered. ho hum 🙁

comments please

just updated the blog to version 2.64. Seems to have gone ok.
I also did some SQL stuff to force allow-comments on all my old entries and this should be the default for all new entries.
so now the blog can be very interactive and we can all be happy.