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i’ve set up a blogstop game. My version is heavily based on the original blogstop here.
As with all games there are some rules.

the game
Form a sentence from the acronym of the last word found on the latest post.
From factual to quirky, whatever your post may be, the words are yours.
Every correct entry gives you 1 point.
The game lives at
blogstop rules Vs 1.1
1. Make sense and not gibber – conform to the rules of grammar.
2. People’s names are not allowed unless they’re well known.
3. Your last word may not exceed twenty letters.
4. Your words, especially the last word, must appear in the dictionary. (Famous names excluded)
5. True acronyms, e.g. NATO and AIDS; and abbreviations, e.g. YMCA and DNA; are not to be applied as a single word.
6. Build on other members’ last word; not your own.
7. Double check all entries before you post them.
8. Do not post anything else other than the required sentence.
9. Should a player make an error in his/her entry, do not accept the last word. Continue from the last correct entry.
10. In case two or more members coincidently post a sentence using the same last word from the previous post, the later post must/will be deleted.
11. A ‘Stop’ can be declared by any player if a correct new entry has not been received for 24hrs. This ‘Stop’ must be supported by at least two other players. Declaration and support is offered by commenting on the last successful post.
12. After an agreed ‘stop’, the player who has submitted the last successful entry can then choose a single word to restart the game (which gives them another point).
13. ‘Stops’ are generally against the spirit of the game and should be used as a last resort. players are encouraged not to force ‘stops’ by using impossible words (aggressive play is for advanced level players only !)
Who can join
This is a private game open to regular readers of the funkypancake blog.
If this is you and you want to play, email me (you know the address)
My discretion is final (and possibly random)


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