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funkypancake blog is 10 years old today!



I started 10 years ago exactly today. can you believe it?

over that time i’ve posted over 20,000 pages of blog-ness and i suspect over 30,000 pictures.  difficult to say.

my life has changed quite dramatically since i started. kids are 10 years older.  we now live on the other side of the planet.

i’ve also got through a few different cameras just by wearing them out!  i’m on my fourth compact camera and second SLR.  which actually doesn’t sound that bad over 10 years.

i’ve given the site a bit of a make-over to celebrate (no cakes, sorry).  and i’ll start posted slightly bigger pictures when the current preloaded pictures filter through.

i’ve also found a few old ones that where i created the draft posts but never got round to posting them.

thanks for coming on the journey of    I’m still not entirely sure what it’s about but it’s certainly a big archive of something.

take care …   dave

should i stop doing funkypancake ?


hello.  sorry to ask you this question, but does anyone still read this blog ?  just wondering.  as if they don’t i might stop !   drop me an email and let me know

exciting new development coming


don’t panic.  funkypncake isn’t closing.  but is likely to change a bit because … we’re emigrating to new zealand.

yes, as of 11th October, the funkypancake family are flying away to live in new zealand. how exciting !

i’m now free of work until november, which is quite handy given the huge amounts to do between then and now (and we’ve got a holiday in scotland to fit in).

the blog is going to run on ‘auto’ through the rest of August – i’ve lined up some nice british beach shots, then we’ve got a week of new zealand photos from our scouting trip last easter to give you a taster of what we’re off to

then it’ll be back to normal blogging in september and we’ll have to see how things evolve once we’re over there.  i’ve got enough british photos to keep funkypancake going for another year even if i don’t take any more photos once we get there !  but i suspect i will continue to take some photos.  let’s play it by ear, ok ?

and once again, i apologise for the blog comments not working very well.  i did attempt to move the blog over to a better platform earlier in the week, but it didn’t work out very well, so i’ll try again in a few weeks time !

take care


bloggy troubles and comment feedback

just a quick post to say i attempted to move the blog to wordpress last night, but it hasn’t worked properly and doesn’t make a slick uploading/editing process so i’ve gone back to ropey old (un)movable type.  apologies for the continued inconveniences.

and thanks for all your feedbacks last week.  you’ve given me some good suggestions which i’ll attempt to put in to action if i ever manage to do the upgrade.

more to follow … hopefully.

6 years of funkypancake


yes, today funkypancake (the blog) is 6 years old.  over that time i’ve done over 14 thousand and must have posted well over 20 thousand images.  and you’ve left over 7 thousand comments.

thanks for all your fantastic support !  there could be some changes ahead, but i’ll tell you about them if/when they happen.

everything’s still on funkypancake somewhere (sorry navigation isn’t better) or you can have a look at a few snapshots via the waybackmachine  and even in the british library online archive somewhere.

anyway, ever onwards we go …

the other funky pancake


i had an email from anna (you know, anna, from west virginia) telling me she’d just googled for ‘funky pancake’ and found this site.  she googled for funky pancake as that’s what she’s named her part border collie, part gold retriever puppy who is just five and half months old !

she kindly sent me a picture (of funky pancake rather than anna i assume – unless she’s a particularly net-savvy pup)

so there we are.  however, for future reference, when i refer to Mrs funkypancake i’m referring to my wife rather than this cute looking pup who lives a few thousand miles west of here !

(thanks to anna for letting me post a piccy)

interesting 2008

some photos from the most excellent Interesting 2008

the crowd as seen from the stage during my nightmare of comedy compering

the man who designed the (back of our) money

the impromptu recorder orchestra

a compere’s shadow


a man of faces

a man of zeotropes


this year i went to the bar after and chatted with lots of lovely people.  here are damien mulley and annie mole down t’pub after (both legendary bloggers)

funkypancake sings

i nearly ended up having to sing a song in public yesterday.  i did have a song prepared (not this one) but it was slightly too late as when i was being hassled to do it i didn’t remember i knew one.  anyway, the one above is old, but i’ve just got round to posting to YouTube.  i think i’ve blogged it before.  but you know. it’s a good un. 

it’s from the early 90s when i were a nipper.  i was known as spoonchicken (or spoon chicken) back then in the glorious town of Sheffield.

funkypancake is five years old


a rare day of just one picture to celebrate the 5th anniversary of funkypancake !  During that time i’ve blogged a pile of fresh pictures every day (although occasionally they didn’t show up for technical reasons!).

i’d like to thank everyone who keeps visiting, and especially those who leave comments, to say thanks for encouraging me to keep doing this nonsense.

i’m so glad the comments are back working, although i’ve had to change a few things to bring them back.  in particular i’ve had to remove the list of categories and the list of monthly archives over to the right.  I may also have to remove the categories from each entry on the front page.

that’ll be a shame as i like categories – they are my attempt to order the world.  But the latest version of the blogging software has changed how categories work which lead to the recent server meltdown.  So, although i’ll still categorise each entry, it may not show on the front index page.  at least for the time being.

whilst i’m doing some typing, i must refer you to two other blogs which are almost exactly the same age as funkypancake and are still going strong (much stronger than funkypancake).  i’d consider both of these chaps friends in the online and offline world.  They are Russel Davies and Roger Darlington  Happy bloggy birthday to you chaps too !

And of course an extra special thanks to mrs funkypancake and the two mini pancakettes for putting up with me generally and specifically.

bloggy badness

just a quick apology for the lack of comments and slightly more random arrival of daily updates on funkypancake at the moment.  it seems funkypancake is causing serious problems to the webserver, so whilst we’re working on ways to make things better, all comments are off i’m afraid.

hopefully, when it gets sorted, things will be much faster and betterer
and lovelyier than they were before and we can all be happier and live longer lives.

so apologies, especially to the brilliant commenters, for the short term disruption to your funkypancake service !

and especially many thanks to matt the web-landlord for all his helpingnesses

funkypancake – upgrade

just so you know, i’m going to attempt to upgrade the blog today, so apologies if things go wrong. i’ll let you know when things should be done. expert weird behaviour in the interim !
update: things are taking much longer than i expected !

funkypancake presents, now available to all !

a few months ago i did a presentation at Russell Davies’ excellent interesting 2007conference. i enjoyed it immensely. and it’s now been posted on Russell’s blog
if you weren’t able to attend (or even if you did) you can now watch it here bigly
there’s a few minutes missing in the middle due to a tape change, which is quite nice as it makes the original ‘live’ version more exclusive !
thanks again to Russell for letting me present


interesting2007 was excellent. my talk went ok i think. i enjoyed presenting and people seemed to laugh in the right places. here’s a picture tony took of me in mid flow.
here’s russell and his shadow
here’s a chap playing the saw and his shadow
here’s a picture i drew of tony without looking, thus proving that photography is probably my preferred medium
and here’s the superior picture tony drew of me proving he’s got better coordination than i have
at some point, i’ll get my presentation podcasted up so you can see what i presented if you are interested. meanwhile there are other pictures from the conference on its flickr pool

interesting 2007

yikes. today (saturday) i’m talking at Interesting 2007. i’ve got a 15-20mins slot and have 212 powerpoint slides. i do a lot of presentations at work, and often throw in a few funkypancake pictures for good measure. but this one is just about the photos. panic is brewing !
(picture of london is a bit tenuous and only relates to the fact i’ll be in london on a saturday)

funkypancake is 4 today !

(thanks to Tony and the other chap off the recent portrait course for letting me post these photos)
and thanks to everyone else for all your fantastic encouragments !

funkypancake flickr

As a special treat to you i’ve sifted through the funkypancake archives and chosen some choice photos from each month to add to my funkypancake flickr page. i’ll attempt to update this each month with the best photos.
if you’ve got a flickr account i’d be delighted to add you as a contact – do the online thing (possibly here if you are logged in).

free beach advertising

beaches are great for free temporary blog advertising
people spent ages reading it, trying to work out what it means (rather like the blog itself perhaps)
thanks to my lovely wife jane for project managing the urban scrawl

blog problems

are you having any problems with reading funkypancake ? i’ve had a couple of emails over the last few days saying funkypancake was not displaying properly and/or not letting them leave comments.
if you are having trouble, or can think of a way of improving things, can you drop me an email pls: and add the subject title ‘broken blog’ so it doesn’t get lost in all the spam.
thank you kindly