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funkypancake blog is 10 years old today!



I started 10 years ago exactly today. can you believe it?

over that time i’ve posted over 20,000 pages of blog-ness and i suspect over 30,000 pictures.  difficult to say.

my life has changed quite dramatically since i started. kids are 10 years older.  we now live on the other side of the planet.

i’ve also got through a few different cameras just by wearing them out!  i’m on my fourth compact camera and second SLR.  which actually doesn’t sound that bad over 10 years.

i’ve given the site a bit of a make-over to celebrate (no cakes, sorry).  and i’ll start posted slightly bigger pictures when the current preloaded pictures filter through.

i’ve also found a few old ones that where i created the draft posts but never got round to posting them.

thanks for coming on the journey of    I’m still not entirely sure what it’s about but it’s certainly a big archive of something.

take care …   dave

7 thoughts on “funkypancake blog is 10 years old today!”

  1. “I’m still not entirely sure what it’s about but it’s certainly a big archive of something.”

    A lump of life lived. A mound of the mundane. A chunk of chances. A round-up of irrelevance. A modicum of moments. A parcel of particulars.

    Does it matter?

  2. And of course, i should have said a MASSIVE thank you to Matt and Neil for hosting the blog on their fantastical internet machine, and providing me with very patient technical support when i’ve made numerous stuff ups along the way!

  3. Many, many congratulations, Dave. It is a real achievement to sustain a project so consistently for a decade. I am sure it has made you more observant of your world and it has given quiet pleasure to many.

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  5. Sorry I am late in commenting: Life got a bit hectic (otherwise known as ‘retirement’!!)
    Yes a a great achievement, even if recognized by only a few. Is the blog still logged by (was it?) the British Museum (or something?). What greater accolade than “Dogs Today”!

    How many hits do you log a day now FP? – or is it just us old faithfuls.
    Very best wishes to FP, Mrs FP, and the steadily growing little FPs

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