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blog turbulence subsiding

the server turbulence is gradually subsiding. let me know if you spot any weirdies.

server turbulance

the server on which funkypancake lives is experiencing some badness at the moment so funkypancake might be up and down all day.
apologies and normal service will be resumed asap

post number 10,000 !!!

this is my 10,000th blog post on funkypancake !
thank you so much in continuing to visit and leave comments and generally being great encouragers.
here’s a video of me saying thank you for popping by (apologies for the state of my head)

funkypancake gets around 35,000 unique visitors each month, and i think about 20% of you are regulars. so thank you for stopping by – don’t forget, funkypancake is updated every day.
And you can subscribe by email and the rss feed (see panel on the right)


have you used funkypancake photos for anything exciting ? mashups etc ? if so, can you let me know and i might post something to celebrate my 10,000th post next week.
Also, i’ve ben asked whether funkypancake can be archived at the British Library. If you’ve let me publish anything you’d rather not be archived, let me know by the beginning of November.

blog upgrade

i’m about to attempt a server upgrade, so apologies if weirdness appears for a short while

have you ever sent me pictures ?

i’m having a bit of blog spring clean because i got an email about something quite exciting. unfortunately it means i need to check about copyright on photos which people have sent me.
i’ve sent emails to everyone i can think of who has sent me pictures which i’ve put on the blog. If you’ve ever sent me a photo which i’ve used on the blog, and you didn’t get the email, could you get in contact pls (details on the right).
thanks – dave (aka funkypancake)

blogs that pass in the morning

the best thing about open plan offices is that you get to see people you don’t expect who stop for a chat.
i made starbucks my temporary office/meeting room for 4 hours yesterday morning and who should pop in but Russell Davies from Russell Davies (funnily enough).
i’ve only ever managed to take bad pictures of Russell. i can only apologise.

disaster averted
good news – i managed to rebuild the boot sector on my dead hard-drive (like you do) and have managed to recover all my photo archives – (more than 44,000 photos or 62.7GB). I also saved my ‘pending’ blog photos including of snow i still haven’t posted yet !
so, hoorah for TestDisk which is great for recovering dead hard drives or harddrives or hard-drives

funkypancake’s third birthday (and i forgot)

we were obviously celebrating other things, but on Easter Sunday, Funkypancake was exactly three years old ! i’ve only just realised, but none of you mentioned it either did you. that probably shows how old we are in web years.
so, without realising it we celebrated it by being live on national TV. in fact the blog was running on automatic that week so i wasnt even around to notice i hadn’t noticed the bloggy birthday, which is also somehow fitting.
anyway, i’ve updated funkypancake each day for the last 3 years with around 10 new photos for your enjoyment. , and funkypancake has had somewhere around 634,000 unique visitors, causing 35million hits and well over a million visits ! fancy that.
still no awards though. not to worry (although you could pop over and nominate me for the photobloggies – you need to enter in the relevant places)
thanks for all your comments and visiting – i very much appreciate of it.
i wonder what the next 3 years hold ? probably more photos i expect.

planner’s lunch

yesterday i had lunch with fellow blogger, and occasional commenter Russel of eggs bacon chips and beans. What a nice and interesting man.
of course he beat me to blogging about it as he uses real time whilst i blog in advance. so perhaps i was there first after all (i wasn’t)


here is regular commenter Rascle. The question is, will he comment on this ?

funkypancake by email every day

would you rather get the new funkypancake pictures delivered to your email box everyday ? If so, click on the image to take you to the sign up page
you need to be able to see pictures embedded in emails for it to work (and you need to sign up for the ‘html’ version)
it’s free to sign sign up and easy to cancel if doesn’t work for you. let me know how you get on !

the funkypancake year
here’s a photo that kezia took of me
it’s new year’s eve today so i thought i’d take the opportunity to thank you for continuing to visit
in the last 12 months funkypancake:
walked over 4,100 kms, (40km-ish of which was during the london marathon [and you helped me raise 1,838.68 pounds]), was featured in dogs today magazine, had over 380 thousand unique visitors to the blog causing 545G of traffic over 2.8 million pages served, was featured on radio, had a site upgrade and redesign, averaged over 1700 visitors per day, went curling with olympic gold winners, visited norfolk, the lake district, austria and belgium, posted a pile of photos every day (there’s now over 10,000 photos on funkypancake, and as many spelling mistakes), and lots of other stuff besides.
i hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as i have !

7000th post

i missed the fact i’d done my 7,000th blog post on monday. ooops. hoorah belatedly and thanks for continuing to visit !
also, i passed the 4000 mile mark on my walking measurements last week.
i’m still thinking about what to do for my 400th birthday on the 1st December. i’ll be in brussels on the day itself, but i’m sure we should do something blogwise.

funkypancake upgrade

i’ve upgraded the server today. if you spot any weirdness (of the undeliberate kind) please email me. i may try changing the layout a little too. so don’t be scared !

the big funkypancake moment

yesterday was the big funkypancake radio interview at BBC Radio Berkshire.
i walked from the local train station and arrived over an hour later so wanderoursly aimed through a local copse. unfortunately i was got a bit lost and had to ask a passing dog-walker for advice on how to find the main road again !
here is Phil Kennedy with Suzanne Courtney (new name) through the window

i was in the studio from 2.30-4pm (the end of the show) and had a really good time. the banter was good and people seemed genuinely interested in the site (if only for Soose’s wedding photo which are here)
Phil noticed that i had visitors in my web stats from a country called Niue and there followed a few minutes of Niue facts as can be seen on the screen here:

i had a whale of a time and was made to feel very welcome. so thanks to Phil and the team for inviting me on !

the stats of funkypancake

things are quite mad in funkypancake world at the moment.
in addition to this, the webstats show the site had nearly 43,000 unique visitors last month and around 2 million hits, with people coming from all around the world (August is shown as a part month so it’s lower)

and by the end this week i’ll have walked 3,500 miles since i started measuring on the 2nd February 2004.