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high chair


the new rules on passport photos are very exact and it’s important you get your eyes at exactly the right part of the picture.  but that’s tricky if you are 7 years old and the seat doesn’t go high enough.

kezia and i thought about this in advance (following a rather disastrous and expensive trip a few months back) so decided to take a cushion. but when we got there we realised we’d forgotten it.

we weren’t going to be beaten so instead we popped in to the local supermarket and bought 4 rolls of environmentally friendly kitchen rolls.  in their packets they were just the right height (when placed 2 on 2) for kezia to get her mug shot in comfort.

this was our first attempt with just one layer which wasn’t enough.  i didn’t take a picture with the two layers as i was holding on to her so she didn’t fall off !

funkypancake lrps

this was my final LRPS panel (minus image 8 as it was of a friend’s son so didn’t think i should put it on flickr)

rps panel organising


i’ve got my rps panel for my licentiatiship beginning of next month.  i used a big desk at work to lay my photos on to try to work out a coherent panel.

the photo show


well, the photo show i had my pictures in at the weekend seemed to be a great success.  loads of photos, great turn out, great pictures and friendly people.  what more do you need !

just in case you are interested, here’s the pictures i presented







photographic exhibition this weekend

what are you doing this weekend ?  well, if you are in the south of england you could do no better than pop in to this two day photo exhibition in All Saints Church, Swallowfield.


i’ve got 6 pictures on display and will be attending myself on midday on sunday.  with over 120 prints on view i think it’s going to be quite interesting !

found photo


i’ve not updated my davescollections website for a long time because the software behind it is so broken that if i attempted to update it it’d probably all fall apart !

i spotted this work pass on a wall.  it was face down, although it did have a nice smiley face drawn on the back.  i ended up taking it to the local tube station which turned out to be unmanned.  so i pushed it down the money return space in the ticket booth, giving it a good flick so it landed on the counter.  unfortunately i nearly got my hand trapped due to my watch getting caught under the underhang.

i’m free now.  which is more than miss whoever, who is probably still locked outside her office.


photo courses

01 T189.jpg

i was delighted to get my results back for the Open University course i did last year.  you can read about it here  I was pleased to get 97% !  These photos were my final portfolio

02 T189.jpg

03 T189.jpg

04 T189.jpg

i should also thank all you kind readers and even kinder commenters who have encouraged me taking photos.  i’m simply loving all the comments at the moment – they are the funniest bit of the blog i recon.

05 T189.jpg

06 T189.jpg

07 T189.jpg

08 T189.jpg

09 T189.jpg

10 T189.jpg

i’m now thinking of doing this course at the Open College of Arts  Would anyone be interested in enrolling at the same time to swap notes as we go through and each save £100 on the fees ?  could be good fun to have a group of us doing it at the same time. 

drop me an email if you are interested. enthusiasm more important than skill – the less you know the more you’ll learn !

still life photography course part4

the final week with the lazy eye doll (cost 30p from some charity shop). she’s been on our shelf for a few years, but it was only on wednesday night i realised she did this which was quite alarming ((try here if the video below doesn’t work))

here are two other objects:

still life photography course part2

the third man in our group was a mysterious no-show. hopefully we didn’t frighten him away after our sad attempts last week. Anyway, after fiddling around for ages with tins and chocolate and beer and wine mike came up with the great idea of putting maltesers on a mirror.
below is a selection of things from tescos. all day breakfast in a tin was my favourite
and here’s a picture of a can of beer. probably.
and here’s dave the lecturer despairing at our poor attempts to subvert the genre and avoid cliches (or clinches)

still life photography course part1

i’m doing another photo course with tony, although we’re in separate groups this time. i see he’s put some of his excellent photos on his flickr stream already.
my group concentrated on my glass head.
and a posh watch
next week we’ll be reconstructing a tombola. or so we’ve decided.

sometimes the idea is better than the final photo

i nearly managed to get a fantastic picture here. the idea was to get the police phone box between the two police men, flanked either side by the two zebra crossing lights.
i even thought i might chance a zoom in to get their helmeted heads either side of the light at the top of the box.
but … it was raining and very windy, there was a lamppost in the way, i wasn’t sure if you are allowed to take photos of policeman on duty and the policemen themselves kept moving about so it was difficult to line up (and i thought they might turn round).
perhaps more importantly, it was just in front of the US embassy in london, so i thought i’d best not look too suspicious (or i might have been shot by the armed police standing near by)
call me a coward, but some photos i just have to do without ! still, you get the idea

the Reading Festival programme
i had a picture published in the Reading Festival programme which has won me some festival goodies apparently (the mind boggles what they may be!). here is a corner of the page – mine is the action man

good, but no trophy
well, this year i didn’t win the trophy for the best photo in show, but i did get a few first, two seconds, a third and two ‘highly commendeds’, with only my portraits failing to get anything. still, after 3 years it’s good someone else wins isn’t it 😉

camera obscura

if you are in edinburgh on a sunny day, you must go and see the camera obscura. it’s quite fantastic, especially the bit where you can lift up cars etc..
here’s the town
and here it is with the light on

best in show !

fantastically, i won best-in-show for my photo of a snail at the Swallowfield Show.

here i am proudly receiving the trophy

all of the other photos i entered have appeared on the blog at some point, but in case you are interested here is what else i entered (in each category):
a journey (1st):



texture (3rd):

skyscape (2nd):

my favourite place:

song title (1st):

4 seasons (3rd – best viewed bigger):

revised song title

i went with others’ advice on my previous attempt and re-approached the song title thing. so, here’s my new song title picture. i think i cropped a bit too tight on the right though. oh well.
do you know what it is yet ?