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photography ideas

there’s another challenge at the excellent

it’s a 20 question interview which you can answer in photos:


this picture was esther’s idea. she said “look at all the wheels”. so we did.
DSC00672.jpg DSC00673.jpg

trading nature

i swapped a photo of some leaves or a photo of some snow drops. i think this picture is superb so was more than happy to let my leaves go !

don’t park here

here are some double yellow lines on the road and the curb stone. i thought you’d like it. think of it as an early valentine’s present.


here is a residential tower block. there is beauty in 1970s concrete symmetry


it was a bit chilly this morning and i spotted this holly nicely frosted up.
pity i didn’t spot it in similar conditions on Advent Day 5

award winning photography

these blokes are from Brazil and i bumped in to them twice on my walk down the South Bank. each time they asked me to take their photo with a famous landmark in the background. they must have heard i was an award winning photographer.

advent photography ideas

here’s an idea for an advent photography project you could try.
take a photo of whatever appears behind the door in your advent calendar each day. this will work especially well with completely random cheap advent calendars.
for example, if the picture is of some holly, go and find a holly tree and get an interesting spikey photo.
if it’s something totally unfindable like a reindeer (if you don’t live in Sweden) then you could take a photo inspired by a picture of a reindeer (like a nice meat pie for example, or someone with a bright red nose).
let me know how you get on. i may have a go at this myself !


beach shelter (protects from sun in summer and icey wind in winter)


here are some nice autumn scenes for you

arty photo

20 pence cash to the first person who guesses what this is correctly.

award winning photography

i’m now an official award winning photographer ! I entered 7 photos earlier in the week for the Swallowfield Show.
My total prizes were:
3 first places
1 second place
1 third place
Best Photo in Show rosette
Best Photo in Show trophy (for one year)
and … £7.50 in prize money
The Best Photo in Show and Rosette:
the prize envelope (containing the £7.50 winnings):
winning the trophy was mixed blessings. prize giving wasn’t until after the raffle was drawn (which seemed to have about a million prizes – he mentioned that the ladies filling in the details on raffle tickets had filled so many that they had got “writers cramp”. we call that RSI nowadays don’t we?).
Anyway, we got to the show at around 1pm and didn’t get away until after 5.30pm ! kids weren’t particularly impressed. Although esther is proud of her dad, and of the fact that her knees won first prize in the hoovering picture (see below)
the trophy prizes being announced:
collecting the trophy
proud trophy winner
more details:

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