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6 thoughts on “cool photography ideas”

  1. I want to be a casual photographer in the future or now….if only i had a camera…but I wanted some ideas of what to take pictures of.

  2. do what i do – take pictures of anything that moves and anything that doesn’t. focus on the extremely ordinary, then you start spotting the unordinary.
    or find a little kid and lend them your camera and see what happens (make sure you have insurance!)
    most of all have fun.

  3. Hey! I’m hoping to go to college to do photography but i don’t know what they are lokking for to be in my portfolio. Do i just take pics og things i like? And is it wise to take pics of people, or is it not professional enough??

  4. i studied electronic engineering and my day job is as a regulation manager for an Internet company – so i speak as a complete no-brain !
    however, my advice would be to talk to a couple of colleges and see what they want from a portfolio. maybe get some examples of what others have done.
    i’d always recommend doing stuff you are interested in ! even if it doesn’t go in your folio then you’ll enjoy and learn whilst doing it.
    forcing yourself to do some different stuff can be a good discipline too though.
    good luck !

  5. here was the result of my food experiment:
    i find generally that it’s good to have some external instructions to make you photograph stuff you wouldn’t normally, or approach a subject in a different way.
    the question is, what do you use to provide the instructions. are there good websites out there for that kind of thing ?
    or, simply take a dictionary, open at random and do a study based around whatever word you randomly point to.

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