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guess the song

i’m not sure if this works or not. it’s an attempt to capture a song title in a photo for a competition i’m entering on sunday (tomorrow).
any ideas what it is or am i going to have to go back to the drawing board ?

a village show

there was a village show today and i entered a few photos in the arts and craft section

i won one first prize which i was very pleased with. the category was ‘through an arch”

this being a classic british village fete there were people dressed in funny clothes and people in funny hats and umbrellas in the sun::

and flower arrangements which fell down:

and vegetables which won prizes then got eaten by a caterpillar:

(the caterpillar was still around)

and where there are jars of home preserve and runner beans as far as the eye can see:

and where people check the winning items very closely:

it was also a place where everyone was really friendly and seemed to be having a brilliant time !

welcome back

yeah. my camera came back from the menders, all mended under warranty, in less than a week.
welcome back my friend. it’s been ok using a different camera (and thanks to jane for lending it to me), but i do love this little chap and i certainly missed some of his features and performance.

a sad day for my camera

yesterday was a sad day. i’m rarely parted from my camera, so it was with very sad to have to send it off to the menders in an inflatable padded bag (a very neat invention).

i’m hoping it’s just a dodgy CCD which will be covered by the warranty. meanwhile i’ll be using jane’s Casio Exilim EX-240 which she’s kindly leant me.
i’ll miss my W-12 terribly whilst it’s gone though


i’ve thought about providing some links to a photo buying service via the website for people who might want to buy one of my photos. but then i think no-one would be interested anyway, so why depress myself by setting it up if it wouldn’t be used.
but maybe if i sold cakes featuring my pictures, well that would be a different matter ! here’s an example birthday cake (not featuring one of my pictures)

lady in an art gallery

there was no flash photography in this art gallery so i ended up with this quite attractive Silhouette of a lady looking at a black and white painting

click for big

inverse shadow in a field up a windy hill

1. take a picture with your own shadow in.
2. convert to black and white.
3. convert to negative.
4. adjust brightness/contrast to taste.
5. enjoy the eery result.

click to inspect

a nice scene

this lady was sitting outside this bar looking very photogenic. perhaps she’s paid for by the local tourist board. pity i didn’t manage to get this in focus.

24 hours

so, here is the photo which won the best photo. i nearly didn’t bother creating it but then had a moment of madness on saturday morning when everyone else was out of the house.

click to be dismayed amazed

family victory

it’s been a bank holiday today. esther and i did really well at the Swallowfield Show. we both entered stuff in the craft show. here are our award winning entries:
esther got Highly Commended for her butterfly and vegetable chariot:
DSC01270.jpg DSC01271.jpg
i got a second place for ‘transport’ and 1st place for ‘about the home’:
DSC01272.jpg DSC01273.jpg
i also got second place for the song title (as seen here)
but my best was my ’24 hours’ collection which not only won 1st prize in the category, but also won best photo in the show:
This year i only won £6. not quite a lucrative as last year.

2nd place frosty holly

this was the photo i entered in the category of “leaves” which came second place. the comment was that it could have worked better in black and white. so here it is. in black and white.


it’s a village show tomorrow. here are my photo entries. they still need sticking on the cardboard. time is running out and tiredness is running in. an exciting day due tomorrow. (note the final pub picture!)


esther and i spent ages taking pictures of balloons this morning. i think this is one of her pictures.


it’s time to return my trophy ready for this year’s competition. but first it needed to be polished.
polishing metal is very satisfying (especially if you get your children to do it)

painter part 2

i walked past the white wall man again yesterday. he was just about to paint the window i think.
i spoke to him and told him he looked great with his white overalls and white wall and yellow ladder. he seemed very pleased.


this chap was painting this wall in the middle of the street. i grabbed this photo in about 3 seconds and zoomed on my way. i wish i’d stayed a bit longer to frame it better, but there you go.

click for generous biggernisation

bowing style

here is ian bowling. i think this photo is fantastic. the exposure time was just the right amount to keep his aura !

click for big