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high chair


the new rules on passport photos are very exact and it’s important you get your eyes at exactly the right part of the picture.  but that’s tricky if you are 7 years old and the seat doesn’t go high enough.

kezia and i thought about this in advance (following a rather disastrous and expensive trip a few months back) so decided to take a cushion. but when we got there we realised we’d forgotten it.

we weren’t going to be beaten so instead we popped in to the local supermarket and bought 4 rolls of environmentally friendly kitchen rolls.  in their packets they were just the right height (when placed 2 on 2) for kezia to get her mug shot in comfort.

this was our first attempt with just one layer which wasn’t enough.  i didn’t take a picture with the two layers as i was holding on to her so she didn’t fall off !